KMBS Overview

KMBS is the leading medical billing and collection service in the Bay Area providing efficient, reliable and detail-oriented services. KMBS is more than just billing! With more than twenty five years of experience, KMBS provides great customer service, detailed payment plan information, courtesy calls as well soft collections for doctors and practices of any size, patients and insurance companies. We utilize the latest in billing and reporting software and our experienced staff keep you up-to-date on all business activities.

Modern technology has revolutionized the medical industry and many times it impacts the success of your business. KMBS is a dedicated business partner who is as interested as you are in ensuring the success of your medical practice. No more unanswered questions, faulty software, or corporate automated responses. Our medical billing and collection services can help you focus on what you love and matters most – providing quality care.

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Top 5 Factors When Selecting a Medical Billing Service Provider

Be clear on the services offered. What is and is not included? If a medical billing and collection service caters to your particular requirements, you will be gaining benefits that go beyond cost and time efficiency.

Understand the cost of the services. Clarify in advance which services in advance you will be paying for.

Transparency is critical. Be aware of the progress made on your claims, or of any delays. A reliable billing service will provide you with regular reports on the work being done on your behalf.

Secure file management with focus on patient privacy. Ensure compliance with government privacy laws, along with HIPAA regulations.

Referrals from trusted doctors or clinics can be convincing enough to make you want to hire the same company. Verify the details for yourself. Find out the policies and safeguards adopted by the company to achieve compliance with federal, state, and HIPAA regulations. The billing service provider you hire should be well equipped to advise you on making the best financial decisions for your practice. Their staff should be continually educated and trained.

Complete Medical Billing Services

Billing & Collections
Get paid faster! Our team of billing specialists will focus on managing your revenue cycles.
Patient Engagement
Our friendly and experienced support team works with patients to help them with their payment options and process.
Financial Reporting
Our doctors receive specialized and comprehensive reports and a continuing commitment to quality service.
Coding Assistance
Our skilled experts streamline your billing procedures and solve any bottlenecks in the collection process.

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