KMBS is dedicated to providing a high-quality medical billing and collection service by focusing on quick turn-round time, excellent customer service and coding support to include appropriate use of modifiers, under coding and over coding. We have developed internal Policies and Procedures designed to create a productive, compliant and efficient billing and collection service. Our focus is customer satisfaction. As a small billing service, we provide services to our clients that many larger billing services do not, such as, contract negotiations, office management input and service appeals. We relieve our clients of the tedious and technical billing and follow-up functions; therefore the medical practitioners and their staff are free to focus on what they love and matters most — providing quality care.

Konda Keller

As a former in-house medical coder, I have dedicated my career to improving the billing experience so doctors can focus on care, not costs. Over a decade ago, I started KMBS to help private practices mitigate the problems I dealt with as a coder for 15 years. I built KMBS so doctors can maintain “in-house” control over their billing procedures at a lower cost. I’ve learned that clear communication, open collaboration and coding knowledge are key to streamlining the billing process, which is why I have maintained my AAPC Professional Coder Certification. All in all, I love what I do and strongly believe that physicians are one of the hardest working, most dedicated group of professionals. They deserve only the best and I take pride in knowing that KMBS delivers.